When News Of Proposition 8 Broke In California?


Thousands of protesters banded together in 2008 after hearing about Proposition 8 in California, utilizing social media like Twitter, Facebook, and the media to spread their message of opposition.

Similarly, When social movements link their goals to the goals of other social movements emerged into a single group this is referred to as?

The term “frame alignment process” refers to the process by which social movements align their objectives with those of other movements and come together as a unified entity. 7.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following is an example of a convergence cluster sociology quizlet?

Which of the following is a convergence cluster example? The National Organization for Marriage is an organization that advocates against new legislation that would permit gay marriage and travels the nation denouncing homosexuality.

Secondly, What correlation between religion and society did Max?

What relationship did Max Weber see and research between religion and society? The economy and the labor habits of employees were greatly influenced by religion.

Also, Why do we have two words for a big city?

Why do we use the terms “metropolis” and “megalopolis” to describe large cities? A megalopolis is a collection of many cities, while a metropolis is only one city.

People also ask, What is a social movement said to be if it works to resist some kind of social change or even to roll back elements of a change?

A social movement is said to be regressive if it tries to stop social progress altogether or even just parts of it. Cultural diffusion is the process through which ideas and customs move from one cultural group to another.

Related Questions and Answers

How social movements come to an end?

A movement’s demise may be influenced by factionalism, which refers to sharp disagreements of opinion inside a movement, as well as by both a lack of funding and a loss of enthusiasm among its participants. A social movement may deteriorate or come to an end as a result of political repression.

What is one of the largest contributors to health problems in low-income countries?

The absence of basic sanitary facilities and access to clean water is one of the greatest causes of medical problems in low-income nations. A UNICEF study from 2014 claims that there are inadequate sanitary facilities for over half of the population in poor countries.

Which sociologist saw political conflict as the only means of promoting positive change for the underprivileged?

Theory of conflict. The conflict theory approach was greatly influenced by philosopher and social scientist Karl Marx. He believed that conflict was the only way to encourage good change for the disadvantaged, hence he supported conflict in general.

Which faith has been predominant in the United States since its founding?

Since its advent during the colonial era, Christianity has been the most pervasive and significant religion in American culture.

What did Marx and Freud see as the downfall of religion that would lead to the secularization of society?

What did Marx and Freud predict would happen to religion in order for society to become secular? The Proletariat was only held in their low socioeconomic level by religion.

Which of the following is the largest single denomination in the United States?

What is by far the most common denomination in the US? Catholicism.

What does DOE mean urban?

Adjective of, pertaining to, or making up a city or town: urban. residing in a town or city.

What size population makes a city?

1,500 to 50,000 individuals

What does it mean to say we live in a social movement society?

A social movement is an unorganized collection of individuals working toward a certain objective, usually social or political. This might be done to implement, oppose, or reverse a social change. It is a kind of collective activity that may include people, groups, or both.

What are the 4 types of social movements?

The Four Social Movements According to Aberle: Aberle established four categories of social movements: redemptive, reformative, revolutionary, and alternative. These categories are based on who a movement is aiming to influence and how much change a movement is demanding. To differentiate between various social movement kinds, several classifications have been utilized.

Is medicine in the United States a social institution?

The social institution of medicine aims to both prevent, diagnose, and treat disease as well as to advance the previously stated definition of health. The number of people unhappy with the medical system has been rising.

What is the difference between old social movement and new social movement?

The main objective of previous social revolutions was to restructure power relations. Instead than emphasizing power distribution, new social movements concentrated on enhancing the quality of life, such as through fostering a clean environment.

What is the difference between social change and social movement?

1 Response. I Interpretation: A change in social interactions and social structure is referred to as a social change. I Definition: A social movement is a group of people working together to create a new way of life. (ii) Characteristic: Social transformation is an ongoing process that never stops.

What happens during the third stage of a social movement?

Bureaucratization is the third stage of the social movement life cycle. A movement’s tendency to bureaucratize as it gains momentum frequently results in the replacement of the movement’s original volunteers by paid leaders and personnel. It also implies the development of distinct lines of power.

What is causing the increasingly high cost of healthcare in the United States?

Every year, Americans spend a fortune on healthcare, and the price continues going up. Government policies and the introduction of international programs like Medicare and Medicaid are partly to blame for this rise. The price of health insurance is also affected by short-term variables, such the financial crisis of 2020.

How do elderly widows and widowers react to death of their significant other?

How do elderly widows and widowers handle the loss of their loved one? As opposed to elderly widowers, elderly widowers often remarry. Similar to older widows, older widowers often remarry. Similar to older widows and widowers, neither group remarries often.

What drives healthcare costs in the US?

Administrative costs, corporate greed and price gouging, and increased use of expensive medical technology were three factors that Cutler examined in depth, along with potential remedies.

Who invented the contagion theory?

Gustave Le Bon, a scholar

What are the three psychological theories that address crowd behavior?

Crowd Behavior: Emergent Norm Theory, Convergence, and Contagion.

What is a criticism of contagion theory?

People lose their inhibitions during a contagion, which encourages impulsive conduct. While part of a group, people do not have a distinct identity. Anybody has the power to lead and have an impact on everyone. The crowd may be planned or unplanned. Most crowd communication is dumb and unreasonable.

Which factors do sociologists suspect were the cause for such a high divorce rate during the 1960’s?

Which causes do sociologists believe contributed to the 1960s’ high divorce rate? A. Both the number of women working outside the house and the level of societal acceptance of divorce increased.

What was the significance of the famous case Reynolds?

What relevance did the well-known case Reynolds v. Sims have? A. It granted voting rights to African Americans.

Why has E waste become an issue especially in the 21st century?

Why is e-waste a problem now, particularly in the twenty-first century? E-waste not only includes dangerous substances, but since gadgets become outdated every six months or so, consumers often discard perfectly acceptable devices in favor of the newest models.

Who is the fastest growing religion in the world?


Is religion a social power?

Religion acts as a social control mechanism, bolstering societal order. People who practice religion learn moral principles and how to behave in society. The Ten Commandments are perhaps the most well-known collection of moral guidelines in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Which sociologist saw political conflict as the only means of promoting positive change for the underprivileged?

Theory of conflict. The conflict theory approach was greatly influenced by philosopher and social scientist Karl Marx. He believed that conflict was the only way to encourage good change for the disadvantaged, hence he supported conflict in general.


The “which of the following is an example of a convergence cluster?” is an example of a converging cluster. Convergence clusters are groups that are made up of different types of people, like artists and scientists, who work together to achieve something greater.

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