Whats The Latest News On Aaron Rodgers?

According to rumors, Aaron Rodgers is seeing someone dubbed “Blu of Earth.” Rodgers apparently got back together with a new woman with an unusual name and background not long after his engagement to actress Shailene Woodley came to an end.

Similarly, Who is Aaron Rodgers new wife?

The Green Packers quarterback is in the presence of a new lover, claims SideAction. One of SideAction’s informants informed them, “It feels like yesterday when Aaron was proclaiming his love and thanks to his fiancée Shailene Woodley.” Blue is the newest lady in Aaron Rodger’s life.

Also, it is asked, What’s the latest news on Aaron Rodgers being traded?

Rodgers has resolved to play football next season, ruling out the idea of retirement, but he hasn’t decided whether he wants to play for the Packers in 2022 or if he wants to ask to be traded to another club.

Secondly, What is Aaron Rodgers New Deal?

The new agreement raises his salary this season while decreasing the cap amount. According to Pelissero, the quarterback for the Packers is expected to make $42 million in 2022, $59.515 million in 2023, and $49.3 million in 2024, bringing his three-year total to $150.815 million.

Also, Where is Aaron Rodgers right now?

Packers of Green Bay Aaron Rodgers, current quarterback for club 12 Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers play professional American football. The Packers are a team in the National Football Conference North division of the National Football League. Wikipedia

People also ask, Is Aaron Rodgers getting married to Shailene Woodley?

Their connection is established in February 2021. Rodgers startled his admirers by announcing his engagement after keeping their relationship a secret from the public for months. During his acceptance speech for the 2020 AP Most Valuable Player Award, he revealed the information.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley still together?

Their romance is over. According to a source, “[They] are not together,” adding that “Shailene attempted to give it another chance and was hanging out with Aaron. She soon realized, however, that everything was on his terms, and that nothing would alter. She’s done with it again, and there was no need to go on.

Is Aaron Rodgers being traded from Green Bay?

Rodgers won’t be leaving Green Bay, but an another Packers quarterback may. Between now and the beginning of the 2022 NFL Draft, Green Bay may decide to release Jordan Love, the team’s first-round choice in the 2020 NFL Draft.

What is Aaron Rodgers decision?

On Tuesday, March 8, the franchise tag deadline, Rodgers will make his ultimate choice. Tuesday has been Rodgers’ deadline since that is the day the Packers must decide whether to franchise tag his preferred receiver, Davante Adams, for $18.5 million, according to Klis.

Is Aaron Rodgers retiring 2022?

when he just agreed to a hefty contract deal that would keep him with the team at least through the 2024 season and maybe through the 2026 campaign? Rodgers had given retirement significant thought before to announcing in March that he will play for the Packers in 2022.

How much is Aaron Rodgers getting paid this year?

Rodgers’ contract includes a guaranteed $150.6 million in compensation, according to NFL Network. He will make $74.5 million in the first new year and an average of $62 million through the second.

What was Aaron Rodgers new contract with Green Bay?

According to a copy of the contract acquired by ESPN, the agreement inked on Tuesday, a week after he stated he would rejoin the organization after considering his options, is effectively a three-year, $150 million deal with two voidable years in 2025 and 2026 that aid in salary-cap calculations.

Did Aaron Rodgers get a new contract?

According to Tuesday’s report from NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Green Bay is putting its money where its mouth is by agreeing to a four-year, $200 million agreement with the 38-year-old Rodgers, including $153 million in guaranteed compensation.

What happened with Aaron Rodgers and his family?

But it’s also been said that after he led the Packers to a Super Bowl victory in 2011, and then when he began dating actress and television personality Olivia Munn in 2014, Rodgers reportedly started to distance himself from his family. According to some stories, Aaron Rodgers’ NFL fame and success made Jordan Rodgers and the rest of the family envious.

Is Aaron Rodgers retiring?

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for Green Bay, said on Tuesday that he would “absolutely” retire as a Packer. He smiled and said, “Unless they trade me. Rodgers said that he hasn’t made up his mind as to when he would retire and that he will reevaluate after the current campaign.

Why did Shailene Aaron breakup?

The insider said that “Shailene and Aaron broke up after the two spent a lot of time apart and couldn’t make it work.” “Aaron had promised Shailene that he would work harder to strengthen their bond and make her a priority. Recently, the two have been spending more time together; the future will reveal itself “.

Is Aaron Rodgers single again?

In March 2021, Rodgers extolled the virtues of his union with Woodley. During an Instagram Live interview, he said, “I’m newly engaged so [I’ve] been enjoying that aspect of my life.” The finest thing that has undoubtedly occurred to me in the last year is that.

Is Aaron Rodgers trying to get traded?

The daring move suggested for the Green Bay Packers by ESPN was to trade former Cal quarterback Aaron Rodgers. ESPN came up with daring, unconventional ideas for all 32 NFL clubs.

What is Aaron Rodgers worth?

$120 million or thereabouts

How long does Aaron Rodgers have to make a decision?

It begins formally in eight days. Even more clandestinely, it already occurs during the everyday talks that are considered tampering but which the league office often disregarded. According to reports, Rodgers feels “torn” over his choice.

How old is Erin Rogers?

38 years (Decem) Age of Aaron Rodgers

Did Tom Brady retire?

Not only did Tom Brady’s abrupt retirement stun the globe, but also his announcement of his comeback 40 days later. It wasn’t until a roundtable discussion with Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen after Capital One’s The Match that it was revealed what precipitated the unexpected change of heart in his choice to return to the NFL.

Is Davante Adams getting traded?

The bad news is that his preferred victim relocated to Las Vegas. The Packers decided to sell Davante Adams to the Raiders in exchange for first- and second-round selections in the 2022 NFL Draft, which was one of the more unexpected transactions of the offseason.

What does Aaron Rodgers make 2022?

Rodgers will get a big salary. According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, he will now earn $42 million in 2022, up from his initial projected salary of only $27 million.

How much will Aaron Rodgers make in 2023?

$99.565 billion

Is this the last year of Aaron Rodgers contract?

The 2023 contract year became a voiding/dummy year last July in an attempt to mend relations between Rodgers and the Packers, making the 2022 season the last year of his deal.

Who is the highest-paid player in the NFL?

The largest NFL contracts in order for 2021 1) Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is worth $45 million. Josh Allen (QB), Buffalo Bills ($43 million), is second out of 20. Dak Prescott (QB), Dallas Cowboys – $40 million, is third out of 20. Deshaun Watson (QB), Houston Texans – $39 million, fourth out of twenty. 5 / 20. 6 / 20.\s7 / 20.\s8 / 20.

How many more years will Aaron Rodgers play?

Packers and Aaron Rodgers agree to a four-year contract, making the quarterback the highest-paid athlete in NFL history. In 2022 and maybe beyond, Aaron Rodgers will be back with the Green Bay Packers.

Is Aaron Rodgers speaking to his family?

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get along with his family. Luke is the eldest of Rodgers’ two brothers, while Jordan is the youngest. Family members who have spoken out in the media claim that Aaron is not at all close to his family.

Where did Aaron Rodgers go to junior college?

Butte CollegeUniversity of California, Berkeley


Aaron Rodgers is an American football player for the Green Bay Packers. He is currently married to Alex Rodriguez, and has two children with her.

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