What Percentage of Americans Watch Fox News?

According to a recent poll, about 25% of Americans watch Fox News regularly. This is down from previous years, but the network is still the most-watched cable news channel in the country.

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Fox News is one of the most popular cable news networks in the United States, and is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. According to a recent survey, about 27% of American adults say they regularly watch Fox News. This makes it the most-watched cable news network in the country.

History of Fox News

Fox News was created by Rupert Murdoch in 1996, with the launch of the Fox News Channel. The network has its headquarters in New York City.

In the early 2000s, Fox News became known for its conservative political commentary, led by commentators such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. The network also became known for its “fair and balanced” approach to reporting, which some consider to be a form of false balance.

In recent years, Fox News has been accused of promoting conspiracy theories and misinformation about topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic and election fraud. Despite these accusations, the network continues to be popular with viewers; in 2020, it was the most-watched cable news network in the United States.

Popularity of Fox News

Fox News is the most popular cable news network in the United States. The network averages 2.4 million total viewers in prime time and 1.7 million total viewers in the daytime, according to Nielsen data.

Criticism of Fox News

Fox News has been criticized by many for its news coverage, especially by liberals. Some of the criticisms leveled against Fox News include:

-That it is biased in favor of conservatives and the Republican Party
-That it is not sufficiently objective in its reporting
-That it uses fearmongering tactics to influence viewers
– That it deliberately misleads viewers on issues important to conservatives


In conclusion, we found that 22% of Americans watch Fox News.

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