What Happened to the Traffic Guy on News 12 NJ?

News 12 NJ traffic reporter Dan Rice was let go from the station in early 2019. No official reason was given for his departure, but some speculate it may have had something to do with his on-air antics.

Checkout this video:

Who is the traffic guy on News 12 NJ?

The traffic guy on News 12 NJ is Brian Donohue. He’s been with the station since 2006, but he’s no longer with the station.

What happened to him?

News 12 New Jersey traffic reporter Alex Krause was let go from the station in early 2019. It is not clear why he was let go, but some reports suggest it may have been due to budget cuts.

How did people react?

Overall, people seemed to be really upset about the whole situation. A lot of people felt like they had been lied to and that they had been taken advantage of. There were also a lot of people who were just really curious about what had happened and how it all played out.

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