What Happened To Channel 13 Morning News Anchors?

Similarly, Who left ABC13 news?

At the end of May, Tom Koch departed ABC13. Tom Koch worked for ABC13 for over 40 years after accompanying his future wife down to Texas from a Green Bay, Wisconsin television station where they met on the job.

Also, it is asked, Who is leaving Channel 13 Albany NY?

Emily De Vito is a reporter.

Secondly, What happened to Kris Gutierrez?

Chris Gutierrez worked at KPRC for a time between 2003 and 2007. After working at KXAS in Dallas, Chris returned to KPRC in March 2020. After almost two years as an anchor and reporter at KPRC, he did quit in February.

Also, Where does Jennifer Reyna working now?


People also ask, What happened Chelsey Hernandez?

Chelsey Khan was Chelsey Hernandez the last time San Antonio news viewers saw her on television. Since leaving KENS 5, the journalist has married and relocated from Houston to the East Coast in order to pursue her “dream career.”

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Who is Tom Koch’s replacement?

Rita Garcia is returning to the KTRK morning news as a co-anchor. Garcia succeeds Tom Koch, who resigned in May after working at Fox-owned Houston station KRIV before joining Fox’s KTTV in Los Angeles. “We are overjoyed to have Rita come to Texas!” stated Wendy Granato, president and general manager.

Who is replacing Benita Zahn?

Subrina Dhammi is going to the nights at WNYT News Channel 13 after almost ten years on the morning program. The news anchor and reporter will join Jerry Gretzinger on Live at 4 and Mark Mulholland on Live at 6 to replace Benita Zahn, who departed the show last month.

Who left Channel 13 news Rochester?

journalist Jane Flasch

Where did benita Zahn go?

Benita Zahn is leaving NBC station WNYT in Albany, New York, after more than 40 years to pursue a career as a health coach. “I’ve been studying to become a certified health coach, and I’ll be working for a local firm.” “I’m not going to help you lose 20 pounds,” Zahn said to viewers Tuesday night.

Did Romo leave Channel 13?

In a recent Instagram post, ABC13 news anchor and reporter Steven Romo revealed his engagement to Fox 26 weatherman Stephen Morgan. “I was raised with secrets. My family worked together to conceal the fact that we lived in a filthy home with a pack of dogs “Romo had written.

Is Stephen Morgan on Fox 26 married?

Steven Romo, a weekend morning anchor/reporter for KTRK abc13, and Stephen Morgan, a former weekend morning meteorologist for FOX 26 KRIV, are engaged.

What does Jennifer Reyna do?

She returned to Houston shortly and started working as a television traffic reporter for KPRC and radio station 89.3 KSBJ. Jennifer has been named a brand ambassador for the Lone Survivor Foundation, whose purpose is to assist combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Is Jennifer Reyna back?

Jennifer Reyna has joined the morning news crew at KHOU 11 as a traffic anchor. She joins the KHOU 11 team with more than 15 years of Houston traffic expertise. Robert Springer, General Manager of KHOU 11, remarked, “We are delighted to welcome Jennifer Reyna to the KHOU 11 team and her return to morning programming.”

Where is Britta Merwin from?

TX, San Antonio Britta Merwin / Birthplace

Why did Rita leave Good Day LA?

Garcia quit KTTV Fox 11’s Good Day L.A. in May after four years as host of the morning program. She stated she was returning to Texas to be closer to her family at the time, but she didn’t say what she planned to do for employment. This is her first trip back to Houston. From 2013 until 2017, she worked as a weekday morning anchor for KRIV.

Where is Katherine Whaley going?

Katherine Whaley has revealed that today is her final day as she want to return to her infant child and hubby full-time. Katherine Whaley has revealed that today is her final day as she want to return to her infant child and hubby full-time.

Is Chelsey Hernandez married?

Nadim Khan is Chelsey Hernandez’s husband. While I was away from the computer, the wedding of an abc13 afternoon consumer reporter/anchor took place in October. At the Ashton Gardens Houston North, family and friends celebrated the Houston couple’s wedding.

Who has left KHOU?

According to a statement on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon, KHOU/Channel 11 weekend meteorologist Blake Mathews will be leaving his job on June 30. “My time at KHOU-TV is coming to a close,” he writes.

Where did Solomon Syed go?

In 2020, he took a break from television reporting to join the senior leadership team at SUNY Empire State College as Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Government Relations, assisting in the college’s public and internal communications initiatives as it tried to grow enrollments with its.

Where did Tim Lake go?

Lake (born December) is an Albany, New York-based television news anchor and historical narrative nonfiction author. He was formerly the single anchor of WCAU’s NBC 10 News at 6 p.m., as well as the co-anchor of NBC 10 News at 4 p.m. with Dawn Timmeney and NBC 10 News at 11 p.m. with Renee Chenault-Fattah.

What kind of doctor is Benita Zahn?

Benita Zahn had a modest part in a soap opera in the past. Benita Zahn is a bioethicist with a Master’s and a Doctorate.

What happened to meteorologist Glenn Johnson?

Johnson, a Long Island native and lifelong Fairport resident, told the Democrat and Chronicle in May that his Channel 13 position was being canceled due to “workforce cutbacks” in March. He was one of numerous employees put off, but he was the only one who worked on the air, so his departure was notable

How old is Don Alhart?

78 years (.) Age / Don Alhart

Who will replace Art Rascon?

Rascon, Jacob

Who is the new anchor on Channel 13 Houston?

Briana Conner is an award-winning journalist who began working at ABC13 in June 2021 as a reporter and anchor. Hightower High School is where the Houston native grew up. She began her career in Victoria, Texas, and most recently worked in North Carolina’s Triad region.

What happened to Stephen Morgan?

Stephen Morgan, a FOX 26 meteorologist, is leaving Houston to join the FOX Weather team in New York City. As we reflected on his time here, we couldn’t let him leave without giving him a suitable send-off. We are really proud of Stephen and excited for this new opportunity.

Who is Stephen Morgan dating?

Steven Romo, correspondent

How old is Daniella Guzman?

40 years (Febru.) Age: Daniella Guzman

Is Christine Noel leaving KPRC?

Christine Noel, morning anchor of KUSA, is leaving Denver for a position at KPRC in Houston, Texas. Her final day at the Tegna-owned station will be Dec. 28 after five years.


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