Is Stat News Reputable?

Stat News is a website that covers a variety of topics related to statistics. The website is run by a team of statisticians and data journalists. The website is funded by the Charles Koch Foundation.

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Is Stat News Reputable? is a website that claims to be a “trusted source for statistical news and analysis.” However, there is no information about the website’s creators or ownership on the website itself, and a simple Google search reveals that the site has been accused of plagiarism, spreading false information, and publishing articles without proper sourcing. As such, it is difficult to say for sure whether or not Stat News Reputable is a reliable source of information.

What is Stat News?

Stat News is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization that is dedicated to providing reporters and editors with research-based stories on science and health. The organization was founded in 2015 by three former reporters from The Boston Globe: John Henry, Celia Farber, and Roy Goldberg. Stat News is headquartered in New York City.

The Reputation of Stat News

Stat News is a website that covers a variety of topics in the realm of science and health. They have been growing in popularity in recent years, but some people are wondering if they are a reputable source. Let’s take a closer look at the website and see if they are a source that can be trusted.

The Good

Stat News is a Boston-based online news outlet that covers the intersection of health, science, and technology. The publication was founded in 2015 by two veteran journalists, Robin Kuwahara and Adam Feuerstein. The website is known for its in-depth reporting and has won several awards, including the National Academy of Sciences communication award and the American Association for the Advancement of Science journalism award.

The Bad

There is no doubt that Stat News has a strong reputation in the scientific community. But some scientists have raised concerns about the quality of their journalism, and whether their reporting is always accurate.

In particular, Stat News has been criticized for their coverage of the Replication Crisis in Psychology, and for their reporting on the rowing machine study that was later retracted by the journal Science. Some scientists have also accused Stat News of being too close to the pharmaceutical industry, and of publishing biased articles that promote drug companies’ interests.

The Bottom Line

Stat News is a reliable source for news and information related to health and science. Its reporters are experienced journalists who know how to find and communicate complex information. However, because it is a relatively new publication, it does not have the same level of name recognition as some of the more established health and science publications. This can make it difficult to know if Stat News is the right source for you.

If you’re looking for in-depth reporting on specific topics related to health and science, Stat News is worth considering. However, if you’re looking for general health and science news, you may want to consider another source.


In conclusion, Stat News is a reputable source for news and information related to health and medicine. The site is run by a team of experienced journalists, and its articles are often cited by other news outlets. While Stat News does not have the same level of name recognition as some of the other sources on this list, it is definitely worth checking out for reliable health news.

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