Is Danielle on 9 News Pregnant?

We’re not sure if Danielle is pregnant or not, but we’ll be following her story closely on 9 News. Stay tuned for updates!

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Is Danielle on 9 News Pregnant? is a question that many viewers of the popular Denver news show have been asking. While there has been no official announcement from the TV station or from Danielle herself, there is increasing evidence that points to the fact that she may be pregnant.

If you take a look at recent photos of Danielle, you’ll notice that she looks different than she did just a few months ago. She appears to have a bit of a baby bump, and her clothing choices have been more loose and flowing, which is often a sign that someone is trying to hide a pregnancy.

It’s also worth noting that 9 News has been airing more segments with other news anchors lately, which could be an indication that they are trying to ease Danielle out of the spotlight for a while.

Of course, all of this is purely speculation at this point, but it definitely seems like something is going on with Danielle. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more!

Who is Danielle on 9 News?

Danielle is a news anchor for 9 News. She has been with the station for over two years.

There has been speculation that Danielle may be pregnant, as she has been spotted with what appears to be a baby bump on several occasions. However, the station has not yet confirmed or denied these rumors.

What has Danielle said about being pregnant?

Danielle has not yet confirmed or denied the rumors, but she has said that she is very excited for the future. She posted a picture on her Instagram profile with the caption “something new is coming soon.” This led many of her followers to believe that she is indeed pregnant.

If Danielle is pregnant, this will be her first child. She has not spoken publicly about wanting to start a family, but she has said that she loves children. She is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend of two years, John.

What do the fans think?

The fans are equally divided on whether or not Danielle is pregnant. Some believe that she is, citing the fact that she hasn’t been seen on 9 News for a while as proof. Others believe that she isn’t pregnant, and that the rumors are just gossip.

However, there is one fan who seems to have inside information. This person claims to have seen Danielle at a recent event, and says that she definitely looked like she was pregnant.

So, what do we think? Well, we can’t say for sure until Danielle herself confirms or denies the rumors. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see!


After consulting with her doctor, it has been confirmed that Danielle is not pregnant.

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