Is Apple News Free?

After the free trial, Apple News+ is just $9.99 per month. Apple News+ is also included in the Apple One Premier Plan, which for $29.95 a month combines five other Apple services into a single monthly subscription.

Similarly, Is Apple News still free?

Apple News+ material is accessible directly from the Apple News app through the new Apple News+ tab, which appears on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches running iOS 12.2 or later, as well as Macs running macOS Mojave 10.14. 4 or later. Apple News+ is only accessible on Apple devices and does not work on Android or PCs.

Also, it is asked, How do I activate free Apple News?

On your Mac, go to iCloud options and turn on News. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then select Apple ID on your Mac. Ensure that your Apple ID is the same across all of your devices. In the sidebar, choose iCloud. For me, open the iCloud options. Select News from the list of applications (if it isn’t already chosen).

Secondly, What does Apple News subscription get you?

TIME, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, People, and Cosmopolitan are among the periodicals and newspapers available via Apple News+, a news subscription service. While not all of these sources have a paywall, having them all in one location is convenient.

Also, What is the best free news app?

We’ve compiled a list of the top free news apps for Android and iPhone to keep you up to date on the news you care about Google News, Flipboard, Feedly, and Other Free News Apps 2 images from Google News. 2 images from Microsoft News. 2 images from Flipboard News360.\sFeedly. News from Apple (iOS Only) SmartNews

People also ask, Is Apple News free on your iPhone?

In the Today stream, you may read select Apple News items for free. A membership is required to access premium content.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the cost of Apple News plus?

Monthly cost: $9.99

Is Apple News included with Apple TV?

Apple One comes with the greatest entertainment and information services, as well as iCloud storage for your photographs, files, and more. Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+ are among the services available.

What is the difference between Apple News and Apple News plus?

Apple News+ is a monthly subscription service that includes both newspapers and magazines. The service is accessible via the Apple News mobile app. While the News app itself is free to use, you will have to pay a monthly charge to browse News+ content.

Is The Washington Post part of Apple News plus?

Please note that an Apple News+ membership does not currently offer access to Washington Post content. If you did not get the email, you may activate your account by following these steps: For iOS, get The Washington Post app (black icon).

How do I cancel Apple News?

Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and other Apple subscriptions may also be canceled How to cancel an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch subscription Launch the Settings application. Please tap your name. Click on Subscriptions. Select the subscription you’d want to manage. Please choose Cancel Subscription.

What is the best free news app for iPhone?

The best news apps for iPhone Flipboard is completely free. iPhone version of Flipboard. Zite is completely free. iPhone app Zite CNN Mobile is completely free. CNN iPhone application (International edition) Free breaking news. iPhone app with breaking news. Pulse is completely free. iPhone app Pulse AP Mobile is a free application. For iPhone, there’s AP Mobile. Free on Zinio. Free on Stumbleupon.

What is the most reliable news app?

Feedly. Feedly is one of the greatest RSS news applications available. The software gathers all of the key news from a variety of sources, allowing users to browse articles from the sources they trust most.

What is best iPhone news app?

Editor’s Pick: Apple News For iPhone and iPad owners, Apple’s default news app is the best alternative. You can rely on it for all kinds of local and worldwide news on trends and issues that matter to you.

How do I cancel Apple News on my iPhone?

Subscription management on iOS. Launch the App Store application. In the top right corner, tap on your avatar. “Manage Subscriptions” will appear. Under the “Active” heading, tap on the Apple News Plus subscription. If you’re already passed the free trial, tap “Cancel Subscription.”

What happened to Apple’s News app?

Swipe down on your iPhone’s home screen to open Spotlight search, then type in News. If the app is already installed on your device, you should be able to access it straight; otherwise, scroll down to the App Store results and press the Search in App link to find the Apple News app and reinstall it.

Does Apple News Plus include New York Times?

The New York Times, for example, declined to join Apple News+, Apple’s premium news and magazine subscription service. Despite today’s major blow to Apple News and an outright rejection of Apple News+, it seems that the New York Times and Apple will continue to collaborate on podcasts and applications.

Is Apple News free on Mac?

For $9.99 per month, Apple News+ gives you access to hundreds of periodicals and premium newspapers. Read whole magazine issues online or in print. An Apple News+ membership may be shared among up to six family members at no extra cost.

How much is Apple TV monthly fee?

Monthly fee: $4.99

Is The Economist included in Apple News?

We’d like to assist you. The Economist is not included in the Apple News Plus membership pricing, according to the list of periodicals accessible. This means you’ll have to buy a separate subscription for that magazine in order to read it via Apple News.

Does Apple News plus give you full access to WSJ?

Apple News Plus members will have “access to practically all WSJ stories, but the app will only expose general-interest news,” according to Amol Sharma, a Journal writer, and WSJ appears to believe that most users won’t seek much beyond that.

What newspapers are included with Apple News plus?

TIME. The Wall Street Journal is a newspaper published in the United States. The New Yorker is a magazine published in New York City. Vanity Fair magazine. New York Magazine is a publication based in New York City. Chronicle of San Francisco Chronicle of Houston The San Antonio Express-News is a newspaper based in San Antonio, Texas.

Can you download newspapers on Apple News plus?

If you have an Apple News+ subscription, you may use the News app to download hundreds of issues to read offline.

Can I get local news on Apple News?

The Apple News app has a “Read Localarea that presents a roundup of the week’s best articles for each geographical region every Thursday. Apple News is only accessible in a few countries, so keep that in mind. Apple’s services are available for purchase on the company’s website.

What news is iPhone free?

On Android and Apple smartphones, all of these news applications are free to download, however some offer premium, paid versions. News from Apple. Apple’s news service keeps iPhone and iPad users up to date on the latest events. News from Google. The Week. Flipboard. 7. Yahoo News. 8. News Break. SmartNews. News360.

Does iPhone have a news app?

The News app gathers all of the news you want to read on the subjects that interest you the most from your favorite sources. You may customize News by selecting from a variety of publications (referred to as channels) and themes such as Entertainment, Food, and Science.

Is Ground news free?

Although the app is free, after the week-long trial, a subscription is necessary to use the app’s unique features, such as coverage analysis and other comparison tools.

How do I use Apple News Plus?

On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, subscribe to Apple News+ to read hundreds of periodicals, newspapers, and digital publications in the News app If you’re using an iPhone or iPod touch, Select the News+ option. To find a magazine, tap Catalog at the top of the News+ stream. Below the magazine’s cover, tap Follow.

Can I access Apple News on my Mac?

If you have an Apple News+ subscription, the News+ Library in Apple News on your Mac makes finding and reading magazines, newspapers, and other publications in the Apple News+ catalog simple. When you subscribe to an Apple News+ magazine or newspaper, it automatically appears in the sidebar for quick access.

How do I get Apple News Plus on my Mac?

Log in to your Mac. Open the App Store app on your Mac. Use the same Apple ID you used to sign up for Apple News+.

Is anything free on Apple TV?

The first thing to realize is that there is no such thing as a free “Apple TV” subscription. Apple TV+ (plus) is Apple’s original content streaming service, which is different from the rest of the Apple TV App.

What channels are free with Apple TV?

A&E, ABC News, ACC Sports, AOL On, Apple Events, Bloomberg, CBS, CBS News, CBS Sports, CNBC, CNNgo, Crackle, Computers, Crunchyroll, Dailymotion, Disney, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ESPN, Feeln, Flickr, FOX NOW, Fusion, FX NOW, FYI, HBO GO, HBO NOW, History, Hulu. are among the channels available on Apple TV.


Apple News is a free app that is available on the iPhone and iPad. It’s an app that provides news to users, as well as a hub for other apps in the Apple ecosystem. The app comes with its own set of features, but there are also some great third-party apps that can be downloaded from the App Store.

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