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The Beginning to the End

Haley Troyer – Staff Writer _____________________________________________________________________________________ When people first start doing drugs they see it as an innocent encounter, never dreaming of it becoming a full blown drug addiction. They never imagine the effect it can have on them or even the people around them. states that most drug addictions usually occur before a child is 18 years of… Read more →

The Gun Control Debate

Kelly Butterfield – Staff Writer _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gun control is a hot topic in America right now. Tragic events began with the 1970 Kent State University shooting, known as the “May 4 massacre.” College students were peacefully protesting the American invasion of Cambodia outside of Kent State University when they were hit with open fire by the Ohio National Guard used… Read more →

Love Struck by Violence

Kelly Butterfield – Staff Writer ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The prevalence of teen dating violence over the years has caused alarm for both police and high schools. A Teen Dating 101 club is held every Monday in the library to help support the victims of abusive relationships and prevent future dating violence. A survey conducted at Countryside High School showed that students define… Read more →

Sandy Swept the Election

Molly Curls – Staff Writer ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The 2012 United States presidential election was nothing short of a nail-biting drama. For both parties, tension was high and nerves were on edge. This led to more than a few harsh exchanges; not only between the presidential candidates, but supporters as well. Social networking took a brand new spin on the whole, “freedom… Read more →

Testing Takes a Cruel Turn

Molly Curls – Staff Writer _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fact that tobacco products are harmful to individuals’ health is not news to anyone. It is common knowledge, and fairly warned, that products such as cigarettes can cause detrimental damage to lungs, skin, teeth, and everyone’s overall well-being. What is shocking, though, is the fact that these human-used products are being inhumanely tested… Read more →

Homecoming Invades Dress Code Policies

Molly Curls – Staff Writer ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Homecoming week was supposed to be a fun, exciting, and creative occasion for students. While the momentum of the annual Homecoming game built up, everyone from freshmen to seniors showed their spirit throughout the week by dressing up in accordance to each day’s theme. This year, Monday was “Twin Day”, Tuesday “Nerd Day”, Wednesday… Read more →