About Paw Print Newspaper

The Paw Print is published by the newspaper staff at Countryside High School.  The Paw Print began in 1979 under the direction of Mr. Richard McNeill and is currently under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Trautwein.

Advertising rates are available upon request by contacting us.  Advertising that promotes illegal products under the Florida Law, or opposes any religion will not be accepted.

The Paw Print has established an open forum for student expression as outlined in the Student Press Law’s model for guidelines for student publications.  The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of faculty and administration but rather the author or the newspaper staff and its editors.

The Paw Print welcomes letters to the editor on topics of interest to Countryside High School and the surrounding community.  We also welcome contributions from writers not in the staff.  All freelance work should be submitted to Room k-1a with the authors name.