Homecoming Invades Dress Code Policies

Molly Curls – Staff Writer


Homecoming week was supposed to be a fun, exciting, and creative occasion for students. While the momentum of the annual Homecoming game built up, everyone from freshmen to seniors showed their spirit throughout the week by dressing up in accordance to each day’s theme. This year, Monday was “Twin Day”, Tuesday “Nerd Day”, Wednesday “Decades Day”, Thursday “Diapers to Diapers”, and Friday wrapping up the week with “Garnet & Gold Day”.

With Countryside’s administration already under the district’s microscope at this point, rules became stricter, there was no mercy given. It was easy to get distracted from school rules with all of the excitement filling the halls. Dress code was an issue this year during the spirit-filled week. Some students paid little to no attention to the dress code policy while sporting spandex, short shorts, or other violations and administration was quick to notice.

With the posters hung on the walls, announcements made daily, and the overall hype of the week, it was apparent that the majority of staff and students at Countryside High School wanted this week to be as fun and enjoyable as possible. It was meant to be filled with camaraderie, cheer, and most importantly- school spirit. Some students argued that they were robbed from these activities due to the seemingly extra harsh rules employed during this buzzing week.

It’s no argument that there does needs to be rules in a school- of course there does. What was upsetting to some was the complete drainage of spirit, in particular students who were in reality just trying to have some fun during this one week of built up enthusiasm for our own school. The question is- is there such thing as leniency? Is a girl wearing leggings as part of her “Twin Day” costume detrimental to the institution as a whole? What we feel, is that, if the week is advertised to be nothing but a good time where the school can get together and celebrate, could administration possibly even fake a smile and the smallest dose of apathy be given? Our prediction for future years- probably not.

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